Friday, February 11, 2005


So here is "el bloggo", The Gospel According to Luke. I know, the title is a bit ostentatious but it was not my idea. I wish it was though. Even more apropos given where I'm livin'.
And for all of you who do read the Good Book I will from time to time have some biblical references on this site. But if you came here for some good Christian info I'm sorry to say this ain't the place. Alas, this is politics.
I forget which Greek philosopher said something along the lines of "politics is life" but I see it the same. Not so much that you should live and breathe "politricks" but at the same time the policies that our leaders construct dictate the parameters of our lives (and our children's). Issues of environment, economics, social welfare, and of course war and peace directly effect us all personally. That is why I feel the need to share these things. I believe we need to educate ourselves on politics, we need to keep our focus on the decision makers, and we need to discuss the "issues" and "connect the dots". One world, One family, One destiny. Peace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great! Now I know which of the many things you send me that I actually might read. (oh, sorry...hee hee) sharebear

8:20 AM  
Blogger Reverend Jimmy Good said...

The Truth of the Word divides. There will be no peace until Jesus returns.

Rev. Jimmy

10:06 AM  
Anonymous rayray said...

try spelling apropos right the next time you dimwit! I thought you went to college. Can't you liberal wackos even afford spellcheck 1.0?

2:59 AM  
Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd said...

Oh and by the way I don't think you read jimmy good's blog very carefully. I think it is one of the funniest tongue in cheek blogs I have seen.

9:19 AM  

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