Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Weekly Links

Manufacturing Consent
White House Defends Video News Releases
Fake News Gets White House OK
Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged TV News
Controversy Brews Over Videos That Some Call 'Fake News'
Journalism Groups Seek Government Openness
Ready-made Reports

Examples of VNR's (AKA State Sponsored Propoganda)
1. T.S.A. Report on Airport Security
2. Collection of USDA VNR's
3. Iraqi Americans React to the Fall of Saddam Hussein

If the president can do it, why not a "govenator"?
Democrats Cry Foul Over Calif. Videos
Calif. Gov. 'News' Videos Cause a Stir
and there really is nothing like shaping reality...
Watchdog Details Run-Ins With Ridge

Wars of the World
U.S. Arrests 17 in Plot to Smuggle Weapons
Syrian-Backed Hizbollah Rallies Against U.S.
U.S. 'Hallucinating' Over Nuclear Talks, Iran Says
Looting at Iraq Weapons Plants After Invasion
Talks on Iraq Government Fail Before Parliament
White House Acknowledges Iran Intel 'Hard to Come By'
Spanish Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Bin Laden
Musharraf: Forces Almost Caught Bin Laden
Report sees holes in U.S. aviation security: Al-Qaida may be turning sights on charter aircraft

Friendly Fire Fallout
Bulgaria Says U.S. Admits Fault in Soldier's Death
Iraq Checkpoint Where Italian Killed Was for U.S. Envoy
Italy to Pull Troops From Iraq in Sept.
Poland Plans to Withdraw Some Iraq Troops
Nations Leaving Iraq Amid Anti-War Gains

War is Terrorism
U.S. Army Details Afghan Prisoner Abuse
U.S. Quits Foreign Inmate Accord Over Death Penalty
Museum Shows Intimate Look at Holocaust
Ex-World Leaders Urge UN to Define Terror

The Environment
Senate to Vote on Alaska Refuge Drilling
Senators Fight Over Tax Cuts, Alaska Oil
White House Sued Over Drilling Off Calif.
EPA Issues Rules to Cut Mercury Pollution but left an out for the worst polluters. "At the behest of industry, the Bush administration has just endorsed the continued poisoning of children and pregnant women with mercury".
High Levels of Mercury Found in Vt. Birds
Group Warns of Shrinking Glaciers' Effect
Himalayan glaciers melting fast
Whale stranding cases increase
Economy needs healthy climate

An Honest Living
WorldCom's Ebbers Found Guilty
Republican Leader Tom DeLay Denies Wrongdoing Over Trips
Firm, Tribe Paid for DeLay Junket
Policy Group Denies Paying for Golf Trips
Ex-GOP Party Head Charged in Phone Jamming
Halliburton in $108m Iraq probe

South of the Border
Verdict Upheld Vs. Ex-Chilean Lieutenant
Free-Trade Protests Jam Guatemalan Roads
Chavez: Iran Has Right to Nuclear Program
Rice to Confront U.S. Resentment in Mexico
Castro's two cents on U.S. moral superiority

Helping the Little Guy
Senate Nixes Efforts to Soften Bankruptcy Rules
Senate Passes New Bankruptcy Legislation
This Modern World: Moral Bankruptcy

Lost Irony
Bush Calls on Hizbollah to Lay Down Arms
Pakistan: Khan Gave Iran Machines Useable for A-Bomb
Mubarak: Democracy Can't Come From Outside
Bush Attacks Social Security 'Scare Ads'
Cuba: U.S. Lacks Moral Authority on Rights

Anti-war groups plan to mark second anniversary of US invasion of Iraq
Group to stage anti-war march
Guatemalans Protest U.S. Free-Trade Vote
Gandhi's Salt March

March 19: Take Anti-war Action in Your Area

Other Stuff
Budget Deficit Surges to $113.9 Billion
Democrats Warn of Slowdown Over Judge Rule


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