Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still Voting For John Edwards

"But we do not have to settle for watered down. The candidacy of John Edwards offers the opportunity to take the Bush backlash and translate it into a mandate for more than just change. I want more than just change, I want progress, and I believe it's there to be had. That's why I'll be voting for Edwards on February 5th. It's not about race, gender, or symbolism. It's about ideas, ideals, and principle. Those of you supporting other candidates may demonize me and those like me for such a stance, but that won't win you my vote even if Edwards gets out of the race. What will win me over is reason, substantive idealism (start with debating substance and not discursive style). More than anything, I need to see a push from you and the candidates you like or love to fight NeoCons, xenophobia, hatred, greed and Constitution-bending criminality. Fight them instead of fighting me, and we'll all be okay in the end." For the full article CLICK HERE


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