Saturday, February 12, 2005

Donkeys v. Elephants

For the record, this site is not party affiliated. Both parties have sold out the common good. It is just that the G.O.P. seems to be taking it to a new extreme. The Republicans should embrace their conservativism because the current administration of right-wing hawks are hell bent on a zealous ideology. Eventually, it will cost the elephants dearly. The Democrats on the other hand are a bunch of ninnies. Yes, ninnies. And "Slick Willy" sold out the party to Big Business. I say, go Green. Then again, maybe there is hope for the people in Dean. Afterall, he said what everyone else was afraid to say. And for those Dems feeling defensive, ask yourselves "What did the party do when Dean spoke the truth about "Mess-o-potamia"? They attacked him. Ran him out of the race. And put in a uncharismatic putz who eventually lost. So, yes, there is plenty of Bush bashing here. But there is more than the colors blue or red.


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