Monday, March 21, 2005

Random Thoughts

I usually don't add my two cents on my page as I'd rather let people have their own reactions to the news. I know it is my blog and all but I'd rather people come and put the pieces together on their own so that their outrage comes from themselves. But I feel I just gotta to say something. First, paid spokesmen for the Bush agenda. Then, a White House press lap dog who turned out to be a gay internet prossi. And now, Video News Releases (AKA fake news). For me I find it strange that people aren't getting upset about this blatent abuse of power. I guess it's "Zombie Nation" afterall. This obvoius "Manufactoring Consent" is way over the top. I mean, fake news? What if in the run-up to war the people wouldn't have been bombarded with thoughts of WMD's being used on Fargo. What if mainstream media would have questioned the vaporous connection between Saddam and 9-11.
Here it is: State sponsered propoganda is for despots and dictators and has no place in free society. The fact that our leader is engaged in the production of this trash a thousand times over is not merely reprehensible nor does it simply reveal his utter contempt for our constitution. It shows that he must not be right. Afterall, truth speaks for itself. Only lies have to be pandered. And when you put all the president's questionable assertions together (whether they be about the environment, the war, or the budget) with the fact that he and his people have been filling household T.V.'s with half-truths and hack spins... well,... I guess you can make up your own mind.


Blogger GrumbleGrouch said...

I suppose you're not old enough to have been around when Adolf Hitler took over the German government. I am, just barely. Believe it or not, he came into power legitimately, maybe even more legitimately (at first) than W. Why did people follow him? Because he was a good talker. So is W, in a different way. Why don't people turn away from him? Because they don't know he's a liar. People here (but not there) recognized, at the time, that Hitler had perfected the technique of "the big lie." Tell small lies, and people will find you out. Tell big lies, and it's just too much to refute. W has learned that technique. Another factor is that most people don't bother to think critically or to look for alternate sources of information. They listen to the good-talking big liar and follow like sheep. Most Americans are acting like "good Germans": loyal to the last.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous sharebear said...

This is a sad but poignant assessment of the current political mileau. Grumble Grouch is also right in comparing GWB to Hitler. The situations appear identical. Certainly there were Germans who wanted very deeply to avoid the Holocoust. How do we step beyond being mad and get the masses to open their eyes?

3:20 AM  

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