Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hillary Rodham for Prez = Four More Republican Years

Let's be clear on the issue before I go on my Anti-Hill tirade: Dems and Repubs are not so different. They both pander to big business which means they will (and do) sell out the good of the common man. They both have a shared interest in keeping the status quo. And they both have a propensity to avoid the biggest issue of the day (Climate Change). However, let's also be clear that the past 7 1/2 years have been bad for our country and the world in general. With the Republicans in power civil liberties have been eroded, the terror problem has grown, the economy is in the tank, and the environment continues to burn. Democrats, the lesser of two evil? Yes, but my how great the greed, false pride, and ignorance is of the GOP. Ironic that the word that comes to mind when thinking about the GOP, a party who prides themselves on economic issues, is "bankrupt". Morally, ethically, economically. Pro-war, pro-torture, pro-spending, pro-tyranny. So go Dems!

So after as big of a hoorah for the Donkeys as I can give at this point, let's also give a collective "boo" down to the Clintons (and yes, I say Clintons with an "S", because this is Bill II to have HRC at the helm. Just look at the campaign trail.) But I don't diss the Clintons solely on Slick Willy here either. No, my boo is also based on Hillary herself. I base it on her propensity to lie. I base it on her unwillingness to admit when she is wrong. I base it on her voting record, a record which was an attempt to gain the White House from the start. I base it on her view of American politics where the people don't lead but rather follow like a flock of good little sheep. I base it on her cackling laugh, her belittling tone of voice, her smug remarks, her complete hypocrisy as she derides Obama and Edwards for issues she herself engages in.

Let's talk about her chances in a general election shall we? America may (or may not) be ready for a female president but America probably is not ready for a female president in the form of an entrenched, cut-throat, Washington insider. Nope. I don't think so. In many ways it is sad but truly, those on the fence come November will feel closer to McCain or Romney. And those right-leaners who are fed up with their party certainly won't switch teams to play for Hillary. Lastly, when it comes to her constituents, every progressive in the country knows that she is a "moderate" exemplifying anything but the change needed to right our world. She is a moderate huckster and only liberals' blindness and hatred of the right will keep the race for Prez close.

So I say this: If we do not want the Republicans to get four more years the Democrats are going to have to stop buying the bull and start critically thinking about who Hill really is and why the mainstream media, George W., Karl Rove, and Corporate America are rooting for her. If she wins the nomination, she will give "the bad guys" a better chance to win the national election. And if she beats McCain or another Elephant, corporate interests will still be protected, the status quo will still continue, the average man will still not be represented, and the world will still chug on towards civilizations ultimate demise.


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