Friday, June 13, 2008

More on Nader

I'll give my "friend" a final word via his final e-mail before ending this thread of thinking. He is the "Nader Hater" in the convo (as if you couldn't tell), though as you can see from the verbiage, he is not exactly a "hater."

I will add to my previous post, lest it be interpreted as more Naderite hating drivel. I do not blame Nader supporters, except those who truly believe that the Dems and Reps are the same. If so, they should sleep in on election day (not getting up for work anyway). Nader was principled and showed courage, two things that the Dems have lacked for quite some time. While I do not agree with his policies, I can't argue that Nader would at least stand up for what he believes in. Thats kinda different than what passes for politicians in America. So for that, the Naderites were right, vote your conscience and live with the consequences.
Naderites, the Dems will have you back now. Forgive and forget. A chance to vote for Obama is infinitely better than having Lieberman move from VP to Pres (shudder). Maybe it will work out for the best. If not, there is always hindsight!

So, in the end, yes, big Al would have been better and our country is in the shitter thanks to Bush & Co. To those ends, I hope that the Dems and their candidate(s) are not making the same mistakes of '00 (they don't seem to be). And I hope the lefties do not vote for a 3rd party candidate and arguably help McCain's bid (again, they don't seem to be). When we look back at these past 8 years we can clearly see who lost by having Bush in power: the environment, the worker, the middle-class, the poor, the 3rd world, the Iraqis, the Constitution, the American people, the world. Who won? Corporate America: fossil fuel industry, military industrial complex, big pharma, shady lenders, Satan.
Will '00 repeat itself? I think not but whether you love or hate Nader...


Blogger spasticfreakshow said...

aha, this is what you're talking about, eh?

well, i don't believe a word he says, despite his pr people's bright idea for the hebrew ad telling me i can believe in him. he gets creepier by the day. i look at him and louis f'ing farrakhan's face is peeping back with leering eyes. but i looked up brian moore, the socialist candidate, and he seems pretty anti-israel too. still, i liked his positions on many other issues and i'm thinking about voting for moore. we'll have to see who louis obama chooses for his running mate. if he chooses your beloved steve novick, i'll vote for him. how you like THEM apples?

7:07 AM  
Blogger Luke G. said...

yep, can't trust those black people can you? they all look the same with those "leering eyes."
as for novick, i'm hoping he'll run for the spot that will be open in congress when earl blumenauer leaves to run the transportation department under the next prez, Mr. Obama.
those apples are rotten.

10:54 AM  

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