Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pa, I think a storms a-brewin'...

Record tornadoes
Record rain
Record heat
Record cold

East: Sweltering heat
Midwest: Massive flooding
Northwest: Snow in June
California: Drought

Forest fires
Water rations
Dead zones
Storm surge

GOP Memo: Goal For Climate Debate Is ‘Making Political Points’

Senate climate bill blocked (by Republicans)

So am I the only one who is sick (and scared) of all this crazy weather we've had over the last five years? Above, as I made that little list of weather 'stuff', it occurred to me that everything I was referring to was from the U.S.
only. It also occurred to me that the craziness we are experiencing now is from pollution that was originally released 20 years ago. That, my friends, was before SUVs, before 6.5 billion people, before the rise of China, before I hit puberty!

We can lessen are punishment if we quit now, though we still will feel the pain (aren't we now?). But continuation on this ruinous, unsustainable, ignorant path will lead us to the greatest punishment of all.

We can change. We can drive less or not at all, change our light bulbs, turn down the thermostat, turn off electronics, chill on motorized leisure activities, etc... But also...
We can demand that our leaders take up the cause of fighting climate change. Only a massive, organized, systemic effort will have a chance. From the bottom up AND the top down, we must all recognize our cosmic survival is at stake. Like the Greatest Generation we must make sacrifices and work as a team. Our government(s) must be play a strong role in this reshaping of society. If it is security that our governments should provide than our tax dollars should go to the effort of solving the climate crisis. The change that must occur if we are to have any chance to lessen the blow and survive the storm must be so complete, so fearless, so embraced that we will be one humanity finally and truly. Love of ourselves and the generations to come. Love of the beings that share this stroke of divine genius floating through space. Love of this spinning blue rock and all the miraculous, awe-inspiring beauty born out of its ripe ground.

Our continued existence will be our reward for this endeavor.

The problem is real, the situation is dire, and the time is now.


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