Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hildebeast, Earth Day, and Pulling the Plug

Clinton's win in Pa. leaves Obama battered, party reeling
As Dems stumble toward summer, GOP cries for more
Oh for the love of God?!! The Hildebeast lives to fight another day... and tear the party apart while squandering an opportunity to take the country in a different direction. NOOOOOO!!!! So here is the going theory in my office: Hillary's continued presence keeps the party divided. This then leads to McCain winning in '08. Then, after 4 more miserable years of economic hardship, continuous war (and possibly another war with Iran), and complete inaction on climate change Clinton will come in on her white steed and gallop into the White House. Personal ambition trumps all.

No Dah: Smog contributes to premature death
Yes, let's do more studies that show what is blatantly obvious. Do we really need conformation that smog is BAD? The Bushies say they do but the rest of us hacking asthmatics think otherwise.

Scientists study Arctic haze
Bush climate plan said too little, too late
Jet stream moving north
March the warmest on record over world's land surfaces
More good news about the melting ice caps. Another happy Earth Day to you! But on the plus side: US hybrid sales up 38 percent

Help Stop "Greenwashing"
Any of you tired of the world's worst polluter trying to claim that they are going "green"? I am. Commercials to dumb you down in some sort of capitalism double speak: Shell and its healthy reef ecosystem. Chevy and its eco-friendly SUV. Exxon and its search for renewable energy. The list goes on. But now there is a new phrase coined presumably by my friends at Greenpeace: Greenwashing.

Earth Day Beyond Bush
Maybe things will be better in the future. Maybe...Pull The Plug
Sick of politics as usual? Registered as a Democrat in Oregon? Then Vote for Steve Novick.


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