Tuesday, February 22, 2005


The Environment: Code Red
"This is serious stuff. Stop the debate about whether climate change caused by humas is happening. IT IS. This problem crosses all differences and transcends all issues. Please, make moves forward in your private and public lives so that we can stop caughing out coal dust and get off OPEC's teet".

Questions Anyone?
1. Ocean, Arctic Studies Show Global Warming Is Real

Mt. Hood, OR (late August to show glaciers, not previous snowfall)
2. Greenhouse gases 'do warm oceans'
3. Britain Criticizes U.S. Climate Record
4. Proponents Want U.S. to Join Kyoto Pact
But these guys...
5. Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies
6. Senate GOP Delays Action on Pollution Plan
7. From the BBC: Emergency Planet Earth
8. If the country won't, then the cities will: U.S. Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies
More sad stuff
9. Arctic Becoming Chemical Waste Sump, Says WWF
10. Monarch Butterflies on Decline in Mexico
11. Air pollution causes early deaths
12. In Honor of those who stand up: Brazil President Creates Forest Reserves

"If we don't take action now, we'll settle for nothing later"
Green Party, Greenpeace, Appalachian Voices, Canary Coalition, Environmental Defense, Natural Resource Defense Council.
Or just do a Google search for environmental groups in your area.
--------Consume Less and Consume Consciously--------
*************PLANT A TREE!*************

A blow for my pops, Ralph, those who fight for the public good, and Americans: Congress curbs class-action suits and what Tort Reform really means for you. "A true victory for companies knowingly producing harmful things for you and me. So light up a 'Cool' cigarette, hop in your exploding 'Chevelle', and take your palpitating 'Vioxx'. And if your kid gets autism from vaccinations, don't do anything because you can't. Who needs consumer protection in light of those leeching lawyers anyway?".

Bush and Giant Mess-o-Potamia
1. CIA: Iraq Conflict Feeds International Terror Threat
2. 'Rogue states' join forces to confront America
But why?

Torture is Anti-American
3. AP: Iraqi Died While Hung From Wrists (victim shown above)
4. Files Show New Abuse Cases in Afghan and Iraqi Prisons
5. Army Files Cite Abuse of Afghans
6. 'America would back Israel attack on Iran'
7. Treasury's Role in Illicit Iraq Oil Sales Cited
8. Mushroom Clouds: Knocking on the nuclear door

Why is Bush giving the most important intellegence job to this evil S.O.B.? If there is a hell, this guy has a spot reserved for him.
1. New Intelligence Chief "Deathsquad" John Negroponte
2. Negroponte Draws Criticism South of Border

And honorable mention?
Buying access AP: Donor Was Promised Ambassadorship
Editorial (more on "Gay" Gannon/Guckert): Pimping for the White House
More illegal propoganda: Agencies Warned About Fake News Videos

All the idiotic quotes 'ol Shrub has said at Dubyaspeak.com

My Main Man Michael or The Man Known as "Noam"

Our Daily Democracy Now!

Cartoon of the Week from Mike Lane: Wake up!
and from This Modern World: Further ways to argue like a conservative

Animation of the Week from Mark Fiore: Torture

Jeff, Ara, & Malcolm X


Blogger The Denton Watchdog said...

whaddup from the dog

I think that we have to not only curb our polluting but it's getting to the point where we have to start actually managing the ecosphere. You know, like find a way to trap all those greenhouse gases or find a way to produce a billion tons of oxygen to counteract the CO2 and other gases. Check out my blogs I have updated and added links in the sidebar, you can copy my template by doing a right click and then view source. It is obvious by looking at the code what I did. Enjoy.

3:47 AM  

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