Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Liberal Media and Bush's PR Machine

In light of the recent revelations of 'Jeff Gannon' and Bush's dubious (and possibly illegal) propoganda here is an article I wrote for the local newspaper over a year ago. As far as I am concerned this kind of paid for advertising and selective source journalism is highly un-American. Regardless of party affiliation, if these activities don't sicken you, you should get out of my country. Americans deserve better than this from their leaders.
The 'Liberal Media' from Asheville-Citizen Times, Dec. 17, 2003


Blogger The Denton Watchdog said...

I was watching despierta america this morning (the spanish equivalent of good morning america) and I saw the Abu Ghraib human pyramid photos and others for the first time. Photos I had never seen before in print (I didn't have a tv for a while so maybe they were shown on TV I don't know) In any case I found it funny that our liberal media hadn't shown them or at least isn't showing them anymore.

and luke, I'm hurt that you haven't commented on my blog yet :(

11:41 AM  
Blogger Shermantank2 said...

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4:05 PM  

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