Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Report: Reporters Must Testify in CIA Leak Case "The Bush people leaked the name of a long-time CIA operative apparently in retrobution for her husband questioning the WMD/Iraq argument for war. The leak of a spy's name is pretty reprehensible, especially when that leak comes from the Commander-in-Chief".
Bush & Co. on WMD's: Then and Now
Our Nation Betrayed: The Iraq WMD Intelligence Deception
Bush Requests $82B for Iraq, Afghan Wars
Rumsfeld to Face a Wary Congress
US accused of plan to muzzle al-Jazeera

Study: War on Poverty Sees More Hungry, Homeless

Former Aide Blasts Bush's Faith-Based Plan

The Environment: Threat Level Elevated
1. Air Pollution
2. Global Warming and Climate Change
3. and more from Wendell and friends
4. Greenhouse Effect 101 "There are greenhouse gases that keep our planet warm. We, through the burning of fossil fuels, are putting an excess amount of those gases into the atmosphere. The planet is getting warmer. These are facts. What these facts mean are still in debate. But given what is at stake shouldn't we err on the side of caution?"
5. Study: Pollution May Affect Babies' Genes
6. Study: Northwest Endured Worse Droughts
7. Global Warming Treaty Set to Take Effect, Japan Set to Enact Global Warming Pact
8. Defending the Rainforest: Thousands Attend Nun's Funeral

My Main Man Michael

Our Daily Democracy Now!

Cartoon of the Week from This Modern World: The Republican Zone

Animation of the Week from Mark Fiore: Crazy George's Accounting Service


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