Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Weekly Links

The 'Uniter' Manages to Divide His Own Party
Democrats: MIA
"Freedom... what is that again?"
Capitol bill aims to control ‘leftist’ profs
Removel of Three From Bush Visit Probed
Pentagon denies mother's plea to photograph son in casket
White House Payments to Columnist Probed
Fiscal Conservatives: Big deficits make the U.S. less secure
Social Security Agency's Web Site Out of Sync With Bush Plan
Moral High Ground: DeLay Goes on Offense in Ethics Battle
Keeping Us Safe: Storage of Nuclear Spent Fuel Criticized; Science Academy Study Points to Risk of Attack
"Damn, this stuff always makes me feel proud to be an American. Follow the chain of command and you get... Re-Election???"
New US Army documents point to broader abuse of Iraqi detainees
Commander approved interrogations violating Geneva Conventions
U.S. army releases details in 27 detainee deaths
UK Lawmakers Accuse U.S. of Grave Rights Violations
Army Documents Shed Light on CIA 'Ghosting'
Afghan Detainee's Leg Was 'Pulpified,' Witness Says
Memo Shows U.S. Inmate Interrogation Plans in Iraq
The Memo
Amnesty chides US on rights reports
Not Just Torture But Looting Too:
Starbucks meets Gitmo
US Corruption in Iraq Is Out of Control
Pesky Questions
WMD Report Unlikely to Praise Agencies
Pre-election Blair hit anew over Iraq war's legality and planning
Iraqi Anthrax Scientist Kept Her Secret
"Rummy, my dog. You mean after those soldiers called you out you still delayed ordering them protection? I guess that is what you mean by 'Support Our Troops'".
Army late with orders for armored Humvees, Donald Rumsfeld declines to comment
Smells Like a Cover-up: U.S. bars Italians from examining victim’s car
Shiavo Stuff
"Truth is, I don't really want to bring this up. Seems like the life question is a personal one. I don't know if her husbands a good man or whether she'd want to 'let go' but I do know that our legal system ruled not once, not twice, but ten times on the matter. That said, here are three things I felt were not about a culture of life'
The only thing on the Shiavo case
CNN Broadcasts Schiavo Story Reported by Jeb Bush Contractor
Ignoring suffering of everyone who isn't Terri Schiavo by EJ Montini
Mark Fiore presents: Georgie's Angels
"Haven't the hawks learned?: Don't sell arms to untrustworthy, shakey allies. They end up being used against us (see the Taliban).
India Media Slam U.S. Move to Sell F-16s to Pakistan
Generals used Khan for Pakistan’s nukes, says US report
Good to be a Saudi
New Details on F.B.I. Aid for Saudis After 9/11
'Fahrenheit 9/11' clip
"So Moore was right. The FBI gave these guys a free ride outta here. I'm sure bin Ladens victims are glad you let his family go (and first class no less)".
Guns & Ammo
NRA Leader Advocates Guns for Teachers
More Bush Botching: Many missiles missing in Iraq, review of reports shows
Fox Blocker
Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News
This Modern World: Scandal in the modern era


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