Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I Lied

O.K.... I didn't actually lie. I did say I'd stop with this blogging thing, largely cause it was taking up too much time. But my wife talked me into continuing to throw these links out there.
As you may notice there isn't too much on here in way of opinion (save the obvious selecting of what to post). Also, I try and stay with mainstream media because the left thinks its right wing and the right thinks it left wing. Personally, I think it is a bit of both. Journalist are more likely to be on the left but the editors and owners tend to be right. And like with any company it seems that the owner's vision is going to be more dominant than his workers'. But this media tangent isn't my point. My point is actually that I am going to keep doing my weekly post but they will be a little shorter. Instead, I'll put on more of my two cents and here comes my first donation:
Are there any Republicans out there that have either a. the balls or b. the brains to admit that Bush is a bad president and leader? I know it is very unlike the elephants to break party lines even in the face of overwhelming evidence that:
a. the war on Iraq was unjust, unwarrented, built on lies, and was on the agenda before 9-11 (which Iraq had nothing to do with)
b. torture was part of the administrations war on terror and that the revelations of this are actually breeding more terrorism
c. Bush and the industrial polluters of the world sleep in the same bed while the world burns and the people suffocate
d. his policies are flushing our long-time economic strength down the drain
and e. facist, totalitarian style, state funded (and anti-American) propoganda has been used to push all of his policies
The fact is Clinton lied about cheating on his wife. Bush on the other hand has lied about... do i need to list all of them yet again?
So, my question stands: Are there any Bush supporters out there willing to say "Maybe I was wrong, maybe I made a mistake" or are you all just stuck seeing red, heads in the sand, trapped by a false duality of Dems v. Reps, Libs v. Cons, Us v. Them? Hell you guys, Bush is a fiscally radical zealot! Doesn't that bother your conservative streak? I mean, the biggest reason I hear for supporting him (other than dangerous religious rhetoric) is economics and our economy is in the shitter! so I must ask "Is you tax break that great when the value of the dollar plummets? Is your tax break that great that your children get to inherit the largest deficit in the history of the world? Is you tax break that great that you can ignore all the un-American stuff Bush is responsible for (torture, totalitarianism, propoganda, pre-emptive strikes, massive environmental degredation, etc... and ad naseaum)?". To be fair to you all, Democrats are wimps, a bunch of "yes-men", sheep if you will. But it is Bush & Co. that are leading the nationalistic, ethnocentric, religious charge of corporate imperialism all at the cost of the common man.
So... who is willing to break ranks? And no, you don't have to become an ass. Just say no to Bush.


Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd said...

A lot of demos and everyone else are looking at changing tactics after Bush's reelection. It is pretty astonishing how Bush was elected but a lot of that I think can be attributed to Gore and Kerry just suckin' ass. It's pretty sad that some demos are thinking of becoming even more conservative I think the move to the middle argument sucks. It seems like Gore and Kerry already did that and there isn’t much further to the middle you can go sheeple! I like the idea of taking a stand and calling the Republicans out Ralph Nader style but that doesn’t seem to be working either so this is my proposal.

Pretend you’re republican and run for office. We both live in southern states that will elect anyone with an R next to their name. We could dress up like republicans and infiltrate! I mean I’m conservative, I believe in a lot of the “ideals” of the party it’s just that the ideals and the reality are diametrically opposed right now. Eventually, we would be kicked out of the party to be replaced by someone that is more willing to bend over for big business though, I imagine, unless we can convince some people that being for clean air and water and cancer free is not an anti-american anti-business stance. That argument is thoroughly ridiculous. How great is it to have a booming business district in your town if your children get cancer from the pollutants being spewed everywhere? Reality check!!!

It just might work for a while. Another good way is to change your name to something recognizable or similar to a famous republican’s name. There was a Yarbrough who got elected in Texas for something because people recognized the name and thought he was someone else. Maybe not a perfect strategy, but I think for southern states it might be better than trying to revive a democratic party that is thoroughly defeated. What I’ll probably do is work from both ends, simultaneously working to establish a third party but if I ran for office I would go as an R and not tell anyone about how “radical” I really am. I mean, wanting to drink clean water and breathe air is a pretty radical request. Wasn’t it W that said “How much fresh air do we really need?”

7:39 AM  
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