Thursday, January 24, 2008

Roadblock to Stopping Change

As many know (and many more don’t know) the EPA recently rejected California’s request for a waiver of the federal Clean Air Act (ironic isn’t it) so that the state could have their own, higher standards. The denial was unprecedented as all other waivers requested since the inception of the EPA had been granted (50 total). Many of these were from California, a state that has plenty of pollution problems and plenty of people. California needed the federal waiver under the Clean Air Act to implement its first-in-the-nation tailpipe rules, which would force automakers to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in new cars and light trucks by 2016. At least 16 other states including my home state of Oregon also wanted to implement these rules as the federal government’s plan addresses MPG and not emissions.

Of course, Bush and Co. were against this as was the auto industry who lobbied hard to stop the Govenator from insisting on cleaner air. It was in the hands of the top EPA official, a man chosen for the job by Bush, a guy who supported testing pesticides on infants and small children, a crony named Stephen L. Johnson. Yesterday it was revealed that EPA officials told the Little Johnson that California had "compelling and extraordinary conditions" to justify a federal waiver allowing the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. None the less, he said “No Dice”.

Now, maybe some people think that the Enviro-Nazis are trying to stifle business but keep in mind; it is state governments representing their people, who are asking for the waiver. Republicans and Democrats alike in over %30 of the States are asking for this waiver. Governors, senators, representatives and the like as well as many mainstream environmental organizations are behind this. But the EPA officials didn’t just tell the putz at the top that a waiver should be granted. They also said that if they didn’t grant the waiver they would probably loose any lawsuit filed on behalf of the states. Likewise, it was stated that any lawsuit brought by the auto industry for granting the waiver would have no merit. Yet what did this ass do?: Denied the waiver.

Don’t get me wrong, Bush and those he represents have every right to profit on being the most significant cause of Climate Change (sarcasm here folks!) but I say “Kick some fucking ass, Barbara Boxer and Henry Waxman. Get this sorry little bitch into a congressional hearing to answer for his damnable action because none of us are going to be spared the changes that are to come”. At least cutting emissions now would soften the blow that is on its way.

So Stephen Johnson, your actions may not constitute a legal crime but come Judgment Day your moral rot will reveal the truth that you have committed a crime against humanity and all life on earth. And yes, you know you did something wrong when you start deleting potential evidence.

Call the EPA and let the know how you feel: 202-564-4700


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