Monday, June 30, 2008

Blood for Oil

Iraq throws open door to foreign oil firms
So why did the U.S. invade Iraq? Was it their links to al-Qaeda? Was it because Saddam was a brutal dictator? Was it because of all those WMD's that were never found? Was it for national security for the U.S.? Or was it for the higher causes of freedom and democracy? Well, if you answered none of the above, you are correct!
Sadly, if you were questioning the war rationale on the lead-up to the invasion you were called a crazy lefty peacenik, an unpatriotic conspiracy wacko, a un-American traitor who revels in the death of U.S. citizens. And, if you suggested that Bush & Co.'s ties to big oil fueled their interest with Iraq you had definitely been listening to too much Amy Goodman.
In 2003 the invasion began. The holes in the Administrations justification became more and more apparent with each passing day. WMDs were never found, the Nigerian uranium intel proved completely false, the world did not become safer as evident in London and Madrid, and democracy and freedom were the first casualties of sectarian violence and governmental corruption. There were the no bid contracts to rebuild, the independently contracted security forces, the memorable "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" photo op. True, Saddam was removed but did life improve for the people of Iraq? No.
2008: The war drags on. It has cost the U.S. over half a trillion dollars, a strong dollar, the respect of the international community, 500o U.S. lives, and over 100,000 Iraqi lives. The war has led to more global resentment. The war has revealed the ugliness of torture at the hands of Americans and its accomplices. The war has created a convenient excuse for the suspension of habeas corpus. The war has created a breeding ground for more terrorists and has brought less democracy to the region.
For what are we paying this high price? OIL.

All this time, all these justifications, all the denial of the obvious motive and here it is: Proof the anti-war crowd was CORRECT. This war was for the oil. It is indeed "Blood for Oil". American blood. Iraqi blood. Parent's blood. Children's blood. Babies blood. Blood of God's creations.

Sometimes I really hate being right. The only thing worse about being right on "Blood for Oil" is that I am also right on climate change. More extreme weather anyone? Disruption of the food supply? Disappearance of water? Massive social upheaval? The death of civilization? Extinction?!!! Oh wait, label me a chicken little pinko, peace loving, tree hugging, stoner hippy who hates America who'd make everyone gay, give out free abortions, and euthanize old people all while pissing on the stars and stripes. That'll invalidate my argument and make the problems raised go away... just like in Iraq.

God, grant us more time to fix the problems of our own making...


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