Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Promise to My Party

Back in the good 'ol 90's i disavowed the Blue and went green. In 2000 the Nader Haters despised me as I tried to peel away voters, poitning out the obvious facts that a) the party had sold out, b) the party no longer represented its voters, and c) the party was going to loose the race for the White House. I was right. In 2004 I backed the Kerry ticket only out of an intense dislike of Bush and his policies. The Democrats merely supplied the lesser of two evils. The Asses threw away another election, choosing to stay moderate. Now, Clinton II has only Barak standing in her way. Out of anger, some fear, and mostly deep connection with my own ethics I wrote this letter to the DNC to express my great disappointment that they may yet again give us four more years of corporatism. Below is my Letter.

I will quit the party if Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate in '08. She is pro-war and pro-big business and therefore is against the ideals of my party. If she is the parties response to the hopes of the people, than the party does not deserve to live and most definitely does not deserve my support.

My family has been blue for multiple generations now as we all firmly believe in social and economic justice, empowerment of the people, and protection of the environment. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, my party started slipping to the right and cheating its constituents. The Democrats went moderate and unless the candidate has incredible charisma a moderate is not going to win election. Alas, my party still seems to not recognize this obvious fact. Instead, the left is going completely unheard and my Party is helping to keep them silenced and disenfranchised.

Feeling duped, I watched Bill Clinton in the 90's give away American jobs with NAFTA, cut down our national heritage with the Salvage Rider Act, strip citizens of rights by heavy-handed policing and blind "tough on crime" policies, and continue American militarism and its subsequent tyranny around the globe. Then I watched Al Gore act like a robot, withholding his convictions and refusing to take on the idiot from Texas in a critical manner. I did not watch Bush win in 2000 but rather, I watched my party roll over and hand him the White House, voting scandal or no. I then watched my party throw away its chance of ousting one of the worst presidents in U.S. history in 2004, nominating another moderate robot incapable of critically dissecting the lunacy Bush & Co. Now, I hold my breath praying that the party will not hand the election (again) to corporate interests and the Republicans, looking to the heavens to save our country from a corporate Clinton Dynasty. But now, the most electable Democrat is dropping out leaving the two big fish to duke it out. This I can say for certain: Either of the two is susceptible to McCain and the GOP but Democrats must ask “Why have Rove and Bush cheered on Hillary?". The party does not seem to look at this with suspect.

And so, Hillary or Barak? If it is Obama, I'll see my party on the campaign trail, hope for my party still alive. If, however, my party settles on the Clintons for more war, more profiteering, and more corruption, then I will formerly leave the Democratic Party. If Hillary gets the nod, then this party is no longer mine. My father says he will leave the party. My wife says she will leave it too. I myself will not just leave it but will actively campaign to reveal the party's moral decay, its selling out of its principles, its impotency, its absence of vision, and its lack of faith in the American people. I will try to convert as many blue voters to a new progressive party (or Greens) that will reaffirm the values of the great Democrats of the 20th century. The Dream of the working man will live on, just not with the Democratic Party.


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