Monday, February 11, 2008

Strike Ends, Obama Rolls

Congratulations I guess are in order for the Writers' Guild (and American TV viewers) as the long lasting strike seems to be coming to a close. I don't know all the details and quite frankly, they don't really interest me at all. The main point is that it sounds like the writers are largely pleased with the new contract. They are yet to ratify it with the members all be it, but it sounds like the heavy dose of reality television, reruns, and the snoozer late night programming TV watchers have been subjected to has finally paid off and brought the greedy corporate pimps to their knees (or at least back to the bargaining table). The high profile picket lines certainly had something to do with the strike's success but really, those tanking ratings really were beginning to hurt the bottom line for the money-grubbers.
So feel the love tube heads! Your favorite shows are coming back. And as brave as the guys over at The A Daily Show have been, I'm glad that the collective creative juices will be flowing free once again.

And a second congrats goes out to Barack Obama for erasing Clinton's lead. I must say the thought of the Democratic Leadership Council all vexed and frustrated at this point really does kind of tickle me. To be clear, I am a bit wary of Obama and am not going to jump on his band wagon just yet. He says many things but I wonder how many campaign promises he'd break once in office. I myself, was an Edwards supporter so I am a bit wary of Obama's financial backers. Still, I hate the corporate Democrats of the DLC (like the Clintons) who put the health of the economy (AKA Big Business) ahead of the health of the worker and of the environment. I also think that Americans are ready for something new and Obama stands a better chance against the Maverick. May Obama get Ohio and Texas and end the two-family dynasty.


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