Thursday, March 20, 2008

Global Climate Change

Many people in the "Head in the Sand" crowd have been vocal over this winter due to the cold weather most of us have been facing. While this winter has seemed more "normal" than the past few mild winters it can hardly negate the high volumes of data compiled by the world's best scientist.
See, unfortunately for our future Global "Warming" is a bit of a misnomer as although it certainly is referring to the average temperature of the planet it is not saying that everywhere in the world will get gradually and predictably warmer. This is the core falsehood in the doubters argument. Very few members of the scientific community would make such a lame and 2-dimensional argument about the very dynamic climate system. The truth of the matter is that most likely the increase in global temperature creates extreme weather in the short term. The bulge of hot, high pressure from the equatorial region disrupts the existing jet stream, bending it out of place and gradually moving it closer to the poles. Do not think that because this winter your part of the world got a lot of snow that this somehow disproves what the greatest minds on the planet have already concluded. This is just a respite and a reminder of what was when i was born 3 decades ago.
Below are a few recent articles and a powerful commercial. Please educate yourselves so that "Uncle Frank" can't sling his Fox talking points or label your argument as politically biased. Droughts, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, and rising oceans do not care about your party affiliation.
Despite another cold winter in Oregon, global warming hasn't gone away

Soggy Midwest braces for more flooding
Global warming rushes timing of spring
IPCC report on phenological changes
Old photos document early spring in East
Arctic sea ice builds, but vulnerable
Maryland Global warming bill delayed in Senate
Scientists enlist ordinary people, even kids, to track early plant blooms from global warming
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