Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hillary and Her War on the Democratic Party

As many of you know, I do not like Hill. Or rather, I don't like the Clintons. Wait... I don't like the Democratic Leadership Council. No, that's not quite it either. I don't like corporate Democrats. Damn! Still not perfect. Here it is: I don't like corporatists.
My dislike of these whores certainly predates Hillary's run for president but let me be clear that I didn't completely hate Hillary. I was just strongly opposed to her political ideology, tactics, and subsequent policies. That is, before she started running her campaign.
What a uniter this person truly is! How unified the party has become with her in the spotlight!
So what is it? Is it her playing the black card repeatedly? Is it her Roverian fear mongering? Is it her insane hypocrisies (black bad but woman good? "Monster" = immediate firing but "He's lucky he's black" = I disagree)?
Well, it is a combo of all of the above... and then some. So as the Dems keep fighting McCain gets to relax and fatten his war chest. And won't that be great if after loosing the nomination (which she should) Hillary announces that she will run Lieberman style (ie. as an Independent).
What's that sound? Oh, its Karl Rove laughing his fat head off.
And while I'm feeling it let me say "Fuck Florida and Michigan!".
Here's the thing (and this is not against the voters in either state): The DNC warned them to not push up their primaries yet they bumped up the date. They were told they would loose their delegates if they did so yet they didn't listen. Now, they are crying.
Point 1: You were warned
Point 2: Too Late
Point 3: Now you can get exactly what you want when you broke the rules in the first place? I think not.
Point 4: Don't rob the remaining states of their relevance.
Point 5: This is a Democracy. If the Florida and Michigan voters don't like what has occurred, they outta throw their elected reps to the curb.


Blogger rikyrah said...

Who would FUND this independent candidacy of hers? Honestly...who would do it. She doesn't know how to put together an organization. She has been leeching off of party bosses from the word jump.

Nope...she'd never run as an independent. .....though, it would be hilarious if she did.

8:50 PM  

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