Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stuck on a Deserted Island

If I had to choose who to be stranded with on a deserted island I would choose Mary Ann over Ginger. Not that I was ever one to argue too strongly against Ginger. Its just that if I had nothing to do on some tropical island I'd like to be with a pretty girl... and a big bag of weed!
(Naturally, this would only be on the hypothetical island, not in the "real" world)
Now as you may have heard, Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, got popped by the pigs for stoned driving and possession of four phat roaches.
One should not be driving under the influence of course, but man, doesn't she look blazed?!! In honor of the all-American, girl next door who smokes the sticky-icky here's some video links to amuse you stoned bloggers.

Mary Ann Seduces Gilligan
Ginger Versus Mary Ann: The Eternal Question

"New" Mary Ann Vs. "New" Ginger: Pie Fight
Sexy Stoner Girl Smokes a Joint
Blunts and Bongs for a Beach Babe
The Girl's Always Got That...
420 Girls Getting High
Paris in Amsterdam
I can tell you this: I wouldn't want to be stuck on the island with this lady. I can't stand a woman who bemoans an "-ism" by denigrating others with more "-isms".


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