Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All Over the Place

What can I say? I don't have time to do a real entry right now but here is a little something:

And back to the hipster issue... Things that suck about Portland
And here is a blog entry I put on Blue Oregon. By the way, comments always so vehement on that site or is it just for the Merkley/Novick race?


I unfortunately did miss the debate live (though I have since caught the replay on Channel 30). I did however, show-up as it was ending and I must say that everyone seemed positive about the debate and about the eventual general elections. Many Merks there seemed to have accepted Novick as a legitimate candidate and Hooks seemed to be pleased with Merkley's overall progressive tendencies. That said...

Why must Merkley run on a message that basically says "Don't be critical of fellow Democrats" while his campaign is almost being hyper-critical of Steve. Jeff continues to attack Steve's opinions and work history and while decrying Steve for attacking people (like Bono, Barack, etc...). Jeff seems to even suggest that Steve shouldn't attack Republicans! I say:
First, everyone deserves to be called out for not standing by their principles. Second, Steve is criticizing peoples' policies and decisions, not thier opinions. Finally (especially in regards to the Social Security question that Merkley so thoroughly avoided) the problem of some of Jeff's criticisms of Steve's criticisms are that they muddy the waters of the core of issues. Regardless of all the details involved in the SS debate for example, what is at the center? Well: Is it fair or just that the rich don't have to pay over 100 G's towards SS? Every progressive should say "NO". What up Merks?
Jeff wants to dance around a lot of this stuff and even maybe go golfing with many of the fat cats who would answer "yes" to the question. Tax breaks for the rich should be called out by every progressive for what they are: means to keep the poor down, to keep the rich rich, to keep inequality alive, to maintain the un-Democratic status quo of haves and have-nots. Only one candidate has the cajones to tell it like it is. The other can only criticize him for doing so.


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