Monday, April 14, 2008

O.K. folks, I don't have much to say today so I figured I'd at least provide some cool links. Well, they are all articles close to my heart and maybe they're not "cool" per say (especially with the ones about Global Warming) but still, they are something to do other than what you should be doing at this moment.
I hope some of you Oregonian voters did catch the debate last night. I'll have my reaction tomorrow maybe if I feel more energetic. Truth is, Steve Novick still has my support, Jeff Merkley still is taking his campaign straight out of the Karl Rove/Corporate Democrat play book, and Candy Neville still seems to be a bit out of her league. That said, I'll be voting for whoever is the Democrat going up against Gordon Smith in the fall. I would be most happy with a fire-brand like Novick pushing a real progressive agenda in D.C. Personally, I don't think true progressives should be smoking the peace pipe with the extreme right. We don't need moderates singing "Kumbaya" with the Bushies who dug America into this pit. We need genuine people like Steve to drive those profiteering, hypocritical fat cats out of town!
Here are the links:

The Environment Links
Garbage Island
Melting Mountains
Governors to Gather
Rich countries not leading
The Next President’s First Task
Global warming has a new battleground
Amazon’s ‘Forest Peoples’ Seek a Role
Jim Hansen, the Big Ice Melt and the Mainstream Media
Climate target is not radical enough
Warming May Have Caused Salmon Collapse
6 million pounds of trash on world's beaches
Homeowners feel heat in West coal boom

The Other Links
Worst. President. Ever.
Obama: My AG to investigate Bush White House
The Boss endorses Obama
AP photographer freed by US military after 2 years
Portland: Bus Tour Visits Sites of Discrimination


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