Thursday, April 10, 2008

Steve is indeed 'Rocking On'

Well, it looks like Steve Novick is indeed rocking on. Although the mainstream politicos here in Oregon seem to be primarily backing Merkley it is famous rockers who are jumping on Steve's bandwagon.
As reported by Jeff Mapes on "First beer, and now it's music for Novick"
Novick is picking up some pretty random endorsements from the music community. Now that might not the most critical of endorsements as many political junkies will point out but I say you should never dismiss (even if you sometimes bemoan) the disenfranchised rockers, scenesters, and bar flies who have been already written off by these same junkies.
Mainstream Democrats, as evident from their moderate platforms, are always targeting swing voters. They have been since the mid-80's, when populism died. The party has ignored and continues to ignore the non-voter saying that it is near impossible to get these apathetic citizens to engage in the democratic process. I think this argument is complete BS and plays into the extreme right wing Republican's hand.
The reason why so many have tuned out, dropped out, or whatever is because the Democratic Party abandoned its core ideals. Bill Clinton and his crew hatched NAFTA and sold out both the worker and the environment. At the same time the Democrats heralded the Brady Bill to control fire arms they also militarized the police around the country. Instead of championing traditional social causes as a way to tackle social ills Slick Willy and the enamored mainstream politicians pushed through "3 strikes" legislation filling our prisons with people that could be rehabilitated. At the same time scientists began warning us about Climate Change politics as usual led to SUVs and the death of the electric car. Go figure so many of my friends don't want to vote for cookie cutter moderates siting "politricks as usual".
So, here we have some left of center rock stars endorsing Novick (not Bono). That says something: At a time when people have said "f-it" very vocal musicians are taking sides. And although I'm sure Steve would like to have the big named Blues on his side, I'm sure he's not complaining about popular musicians urging their fan bases to support him in his bid for U.S. Senate.


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