Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

ABC and the Debate
I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who thought that the recent Democratic debate was absolutely vile. I guess with a former senior Clinton advisor as one of the moderators who used a question from Sean Hannity no one should be too terribly surprised. And on the plus side, at least Hillary can no longer cry about the unfair media bias against her. The final bit of silver lining would be that the corporate media reveal led themselves to be true hacks more concerned about ratings than about objective reporting. I actually felt a little bad for Barack up there fielding question after question, none of which were very substantive. But again there is a plus side: His point about "petty" politics was on full display. And even better for the guy who should get the nomination is that Hillary could not keep that smugly satisfied look off her face anymore than she could keep that haughtily disgusted look off her daughters face whenever Obama spoke. No, if Stephanopoulos and the guys at ABC wanted to help get Hill to the White House than their plan miserably failed. Can you say "backlash"?

Novick and the "Other" Debate
Oregon's own debate was 100 times better. The moderators seemed to have no bias, they asked thoughtful questions regarding relevant issues, and everyone got their fair share of coverage. My general reaction to the three candidates' performances was:
1. Jeff Merkley- Cookie cutter politician giving "safe" answers. Although I largely agree with him on many issues his approach to a campaign is the status quo, his desire to be friend with everyone will inevitably water down his messages (and hence his policies), and his general demeanor reminds me a bit of Hillary. "I should be the nominee. How dare these challengers try to rain on my parade"
2. Candy Neville- Well meaning citizen out of her league. Granted, she had a couple of zingers, she did way better than I expected, and she came off, like Steve, as being a "real" person. Her level of understanding on the issues seemed to be only surface deep. Both Merkley and Novick are obviously more qualified and more capable of beating Gordon Smith.
3. Steve Novick- The man with a plan. His closing statement said it all. No, he is not smooth. No, he isn't trying to make friends. No, he doesn't have "the look" of a politician but... he came across as smart, genuine, and ready to take on Gordo. He showed that he would provide an alternative to "business as usual". He made clear that politics isn't about being chums with those that are opposed to you. He showed that he would be a fiery representative for our state and that his appeal would probably extend beyond party lines.

Its the Environment Stupid
WE ARE SO SCREWED!!! I'm sorry. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but everyone is talking about doing something... too little too late. Cut emissions X% by 2025 as supported by a Neanderthal? Not good enough. What we experience in the climate today is from the gases emitted 20 YEARS AGO! We need real visionaries who say we must stop emitting greenhouse gases NOW. We need a plan that is not just about going neutral

but is also about getting what is already in the atmosphere out. One should not be taking baby steps to get out when the house is on fire. We need radical change. May Obama, Steve, and the rest of the world's leaders see this and realize that the issue of climate change trumps all issues. Climate change will exacerbate all other problems. War, famine, dehydration, economic collapse, etc... The sickness of our home is and should be the number one issue. May we all see the light before the light fades.


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