Thursday, October 23, 2008

Show Must Go On

That's right! Keep it all yourself. Isn't that what Jesus said: Horde your wealth & ignore the needy. Yep, makes sense. Let's make 1% of the world's popualtion control 95% of the world's wealth. Afterall, its reward for all their hard work (note: poor people don't work hard which is why they aren't rich) and they have no connection, much less responsibility, to their societies.

On the plus side, at least the Republicans are being honest. Democrats hate freedom of course, but the Elephants hate anything social. So when there is a flood, no government asssistance. When a company steals your pension, no assistance. When your bank goes belly-up, no assistance. When

Could resist this pic of the great white hope (for ignorant rednecks). The moose is loose!

Hmmm.... when was there another time that a campaign smeared an opponent with random deceitful calls with little basis in reality?
The 2000 Republican primary when Bush's people asked southern voters if they would vote for John McCain if they new he fathered an illegitimate black child.
McCain sold his soul...

I wish there were more Republicans like this guy. Their policies and campaign truly are and have been shameful.

No comment needed. Wait.... 9/11, terrorists, 9/11, terrorists. Ok, now I'll check "Fear"

Wait a second... The GOP believes in the Constitution. They believe in using it for toilet paper and starting book burning bonfires.

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