Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Promise to My Party

Back in the good 'ol 90's i disavowed the Blue and went green. In 2000 the Nader Haters despised me as I tried to peel away voters, poitning out the obvious facts that a) the party had sold out, b) the party no longer represented its voters, and c) the party was going to loose the race for the White House. I was right. In 2004 I backed the Kerry ticket only out of an intense dislike of Bush and his policies. The Democrats merely supplied the lesser of two evils. The Asses threw away another election, choosing to stay moderate. Now, Clinton II has only Barak standing in her way. Out of anger, some fear, and mostly deep connection with my own ethics I wrote this letter to the DNC to express my great disappointment that they may yet again give us four more years of corporatism. Below is my Letter.

I will quit the party if Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate in '08. She is pro-war and pro-big business and therefore is against the ideals of my party. If she is the parties response to the hopes of the people, than the party does not deserve to live and most definitely does not deserve my support.

My family has been blue for multiple generations now as we all firmly believe in social and economic justice, empowerment of the people, and protection of the environment. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, my party started slipping to the right and cheating its constituents. The Democrats went moderate and unless the candidate has incredible charisma a moderate is not going to win election. Alas, my party still seems to not recognize this obvious fact. Instead, the left is going completely unheard and my Party is helping to keep them silenced and disenfranchised.

Feeling duped, I watched Bill Clinton in the 90's give away American jobs with NAFTA, cut down our national heritage with the Salvage Rider Act, strip citizens of rights by heavy-handed policing and blind "tough on crime" policies, and continue American militarism and its subsequent tyranny around the globe. Then I watched Al Gore act like a robot, withholding his convictions and refusing to take on the idiot from Texas in a critical manner. I did not watch Bush win in 2000 but rather, I watched my party roll over and hand him the White House, voting scandal or no. I then watched my party throw away its chance of ousting one of the worst presidents in U.S. history in 2004, nominating another moderate robot incapable of critically dissecting the lunacy Bush & Co. Now, I hold my breath praying that the party will not hand the election (again) to corporate interests and the Republicans, looking to the heavens to save our country from a corporate Clinton Dynasty. But now, the most electable Democrat is dropping out leaving the two big fish to duke it out. This I can say for certain: Either of the two is susceptible to McCain and the GOP but Democrats must ask “Why have Rove and Bush cheered on Hillary?". The party does not seem to look at this with suspect.

And so, Hillary or Barak? If it is Obama, I'll see my party on the campaign trail, hope for my party still alive. If, however, my party settles on the Clintons for more war, more profiteering, and more corruption, then I will formerly leave the Democratic Party. If Hillary gets the nod, then this party is no longer mine. My father says he will leave the party. My wife says she will leave it too. I myself will not just leave it but will actively campaign to reveal the party's moral decay, its selling out of its principles, its impotency, its absence of vision, and its lack of faith in the American people. I will try to convert as many blue voters to a new progressive party (or Greens) that will reaffirm the values of the great Democrats of the 20th century. The Dream of the working man will live on, just not with the Democratic Party.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Steve Novick for Senate

Steve Novick may be a little guy but he is fighting big business. Smart, progressive, & driven his physical size is made up for in his energy and determination. Plenty of Steve support parties are being planned. Who knows? I may even host one at my humble abode. I hope at least to get invited to a bash or two. For those of you unfamiliar with this Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate representing the fair state of Oregon, here are some great video clips, articles, and other pages for your viewing enjoyment:
To Tell The Truth
Not Prettier, Just Better
A Beer With Steve
If I Ran (He is indeed running)
Fire Breathing Populist

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Bush Legacy

  • the emergence of the use of torture
  • secret prisons
  • indefinite detention
  • the denial of habeas corpus
  • warrantless eavesdropping
  • illegal domestic spying
  • the politicization of the administration of criminal justice and of civil rights
  • the claimed unilateral nullification of enacted legislation
  • the claim that the failure by the president to comply with Executive Orders amounts to a secret and unwritten revocation or revision of such orders
  • dictation of the terms of legislation by the president to Congress
  • dictation of the terms of appropriations bills (heretofore known as the "power of the purse" by the president to Congress
  • the declaration that federal judges are incompetent to rule on questions touching on "national security"
  • the refusal of the "unitary executive" to permit the other branches to test its claims of "executive privilege"
  • the refusal of the Justice Department to prosecute contempt of Congress charges against executive branch officials
  • the staggering increase in the frequency of use of the "state secrets" privilege to block access to the courts
  • the systematic suppression of scientific evidence regarding "administration" policies through the manipulation of administrative procedure

Friday, January 25, 2008

Stay on the Sunnyside John Edwards

“We do not have to live in an America that accepts poverty as a fact of life or chooses to ignore it.”
John Edwards
A Message from Third Place
Edwards Says Stimulus Deal Is Late
Edwards vs. Letterman in Hair Rustle

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Roadblock to Stopping Change

As many know (and many more don’t know) the EPA recently rejected California’s request for a waiver of the federal Clean Air Act (ironic isn’t it) so that the state could have their own, higher standards. The denial was unprecedented as all other waivers requested since the inception of the EPA had been granted (50 total). Many of these were from California, a state that has plenty of pollution problems and plenty of people. California needed the federal waiver under the Clean Air Act to implement its first-in-the-nation tailpipe rules, which would force automakers to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in new cars and light trucks by 2016. At least 16 other states including my home state of Oregon also wanted to implement these rules as the federal government’s plan addresses MPG and not emissions.

Of course, Bush and Co. were against this as was the auto industry who lobbied hard to stop the Govenator from insisting on cleaner air. It was in the hands of the top EPA official, a man chosen for the job by Bush, a guy who supported testing pesticides on infants and small children, a crony named Stephen L. Johnson. Yesterday it was revealed that EPA officials told the Little Johnson that California had "compelling and extraordinary conditions" to justify a federal waiver allowing the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. None the less, he said “No Dice”.

Now, maybe some people think that the Enviro-Nazis are trying to stifle business but keep in mind; it is state governments representing their people, who are asking for the waiver. Republicans and Democrats alike in over %30 of the States are asking for this waiver. Governors, senators, representatives and the like as well as many mainstream environmental organizations are behind this. But the EPA officials didn’t just tell the putz at the top that a waiver should be granted. They also said that if they didn’t grant the waiver they would probably loose any lawsuit filed on behalf of the states. Likewise, it was stated that any lawsuit brought by the auto industry for granting the waiver would have no merit. Yet what did this ass do?: Denied the waiver.

Don’t get me wrong, Bush and those he represents have every right to profit on being the most significant cause of Climate Change (sarcasm here folks!) but I say “Kick some fucking ass, Barbara Boxer and Henry Waxman. Get this sorry little bitch into a congressional hearing to answer for his damnable action because none of us are going to be spared the changes that are to come”. At least cutting emissions now would soften the blow that is on its way.

So Stephen Johnson, your actions may not constitute a legal crime but come Judgment Day your moral rot will reveal the truth that you have committed a crime against humanity and all life on earth. And yes, you know you did something wrong when you start deleting potential evidence.

Call the EPA and let the know how you feel: 202-564-4700

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quote o' the Day

There is no doubt in my mind when history was written, the final page will say victory was achieved by the United States of America for the good of the world. -George W. Bush

Links 'o the Day

How Many Lies to War in Iraq?

White House Has No Comprehensive E-Mail Archive

Until All the Fish are Gone

EU plan sets out cuts for CO2 emissions

The biggest environmental crime in history

Close to Home in Indonesia

Republicans, Lost in Space

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quote 'o the Day

So, I urge you: keep going. Ignore the pundits, who think this is a horserace, not a fight for justice. My dad was a fighter. As a friend and a believer in my father's words that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, I say to you: keep going. Keep fighting. My father would be proud.
- Martin Luther King III in a letter to John Edwards (Complete Letter Here)

Hillary Rodham for Prez = Four More Republican Years

Let's be clear on the issue before I go on my Anti-Hill tirade: Dems and Repubs are not so different. They both pander to big business which means they will (and do) sell out the good of the common man. They both have a shared interest in keeping the status quo. And they both have a propensity to avoid the biggest issue of the day (Climate Change). However, let's also be clear that the past 7 1/2 years have been bad for our country and the world in general. With the Republicans in power civil liberties have been eroded, the terror problem has grown, the economy is in the tank, and the environment continues to burn. Democrats, the lesser of two evil? Yes, but my how great the greed, false pride, and ignorance is of the GOP. Ironic that the word that comes to mind when thinking about the GOP, a party who prides themselves on economic issues, is "bankrupt". Morally, ethically, economically. Pro-war, pro-torture, pro-spending, pro-tyranny. So go Dems!

So after as big of a hoorah for the Donkeys as I can give at this point, let's also give a collective "boo" down to the Clintons (and yes, I say Clintons with an "S", because this is Bill II to have HRC at the helm. Just look at the campaign trail.) But I don't diss the Clintons solely on Slick Willy here either. No, my boo is also based on Hillary herself. I base it on her propensity to lie. I base it on her unwillingness to admit when she is wrong. I base it on her voting record, a record which was an attempt to gain the White House from the start. I base it on her view of American politics where the people don't lead but rather follow like a flock of good little sheep. I base it on her cackling laugh, her belittling tone of voice, her smug remarks, her complete hypocrisy as she derides Obama and Edwards for issues she herself engages in.

Let's talk about her chances in a general election shall we? America may (or may not) be ready for a female president but America probably is not ready for a female president in the form of an entrenched, cut-throat, Washington insider. Nope. I don't think so. In many ways it is sad but truly, those on the fence come November will feel closer to McCain or Romney. And those right-leaners who are fed up with their party certainly won't switch teams to play for Hillary. Lastly, when it comes to her constituents, every progressive in the country knows that she is a "moderate" exemplifying anything but the change needed to right our world. She is a moderate huckster and only liberals' blindness and hatred of the right will keep the race for Prez close.

So I say this: If we do not want the Republicans to get four more years the Democrats are going to have to stop buying the bull and start critically thinking about who Hill really is and why the mainstream media, George W., Karl Rove, and Corporate America are rooting for her. If she wins the nomination, she will give "the bad guys" a better chance to win the national election. And if she beats McCain or another Elephant, corporate interests will still be protected, the status quo will still continue, the average man will still not be represented, and the world will still chug on towards civilizations ultimate demise.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still Voting For John Edwards

"But we do not have to settle for watered down. The candidacy of John Edwards offers the opportunity to take the Bush backlash and translate it into a mandate for more than just change. I want more than just change, I want progress, and I believe it's there to be had. That's why I'll be voting for Edwards on February 5th. It's not about race, gender, or symbolism. It's about ideas, ideals, and principle. Those of you supporting other candidates may demonize me and those like me for such a stance, but that won't win you my vote even if Edwards gets out of the race. What will win me over is reason, substantive idealism (start with debating substance and not discursive style). More than anything, I need to see a push from you and the candidates you like or love to fight NeoCons, xenophobia, hatred, greed and Constitution-bending criminality. Fight them instead of fighting me, and we'll all be okay in the end." For the full article CLICK HERE

On and on...

The pundits drone on, the fat cats keep rolling in dough, the world continues to burn, and I still can't afford health care for my children. Change is on the way? Smells like the same old BS to me. But if you really do want change, let's try democracy from the bottom up. After all, if the people lead, the leaders will follow (or are we citizens just cattle to be herded by gun-toting cowboys?)

Edwards on Clinton's elitist LBJ comment

Monday, January 14, 2008

Clip of the Day

Portland's Police State

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quote 'o the Day

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

I'm Back

What is up all?!! It has been a long strange trip since last I did anything on this page but after Clinton's bounce back victory last night in NH I decided it was about time. In truth, I'm just a bit pissed off that the Donkeys apparently have their heads rammed up their dark sides pretty deep.
How the Dems can jump on her band wagon is beyond me. She has held only one elected position, she has proven time and time again that she is a status quo Washington insider, and she represents the corporate whores known as the DLC. Oh rich Democrats, how I do so love your Reaganesque trickle down economics.
How many times has Clinton voted to keep funding this illegal and unjustified war in Iraq? How many corporate donors have given to her campaign?
So she sings about change eh? Well, I'm not buying it. Her husband sold out the working class with NAFTA. He sold out the environment with the Salvage Rider Act (and NAFTA). He sold out citizens' rights by militarizing the police. Granted, Hillary was only the First Lady during all this but since she throws around "we" on the campaign trail when talking about past successes I may as well give her props for the Clinton failures as well.
And BTW, is a cold, calculating, cackling woman really a viable candidate? The right hates her and so do progressives like me. What makes the DNC think that she is going to find her way into the White House?
What a bunch of asses...

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