Saturday, August 14, 2010

Song after Silence

The world is getting hotter, the governments are controlled by corporate elites, and racism is an acceptable political platform. Yes, I guess I should start venting through a blog again.

Really, it is pointless, an exercise in futility. My words and actions cannot stop or even slow the swirling vortex that is life as we know it speedily heading down the drain. But isn't that the way it is with all that man creates. Eventually whatever it is will turn to dust and the memory will remain only as long as there is someone there to remember it.

I have kids though, and it makes papa a worried man. I know a massive worldwide effort is needed to change and yet the powers that be want to have continued profits from the status quo. With each major calamity we have a chance to make it the catalyst, the defining moment where we propel ourselves to greatness. And yet, time and time again the exact opposite action is taken. With 9-11 we could have woken up to what neo-colonialism and rampant militarism lead to and instead we, the U.S., expanded our domination of people and natural resources through bloody force and dis-empowered our own people in the process by taking away rights and freedoms. The BP oil spill could have caused us to reevaluate our dependence on an ever depleting, pollution generating, antiquated energy source, to hold responsible the companies and the complacency of governmental bodies. Instead, the drilling continues.

This will be our legacy to the cosmos? The smart species that couldn't learn? Couldn't change?

Hope: The last thing released from Pandora's box. Blessing to help us with all the evils or just a final evil. Hope keeps faith alive, keeps you going when there isn't a melting snowballs chance in a warming climate. Yet hope, like belief, implies doubt. An attachment to what does not actually exist.

So, I will head out today, soak in the heat, watch my two young girls frolic in the pool, blissfully unaware, as they should be, of fools trying to repeal the 14th amendment, or rendition flights, or catastrophic floods, or ancient melting glaciers in Greenland. All I have is love.

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